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For Serbia, the Open Balkans initiative is a better solution than European integration, because it would not have to give up its ties with Russia and China, Andjelkovic said.

Source: Tanjug

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Political scientist Dragomir Andjelkovi adds that the membership of Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina and the “Kosovo entity” is crucial for the future of this project.

Andjelkovic told Tanjug that the open Balkans, as a forced solution due to the cessation of European integration, gives our country the opportunity to connect with the region, to cooperate to the maximum with the European Union , but also to keep its strategic economic and geopolitical partners in the east.

“The key is whether the countries in the region will join. If Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Kosovo entity join, I think the case is over and will come to life. If they don’t join no, that’s a partial solution, “he said.

Andjelkovic explains that Western countries, although they cannot directly join the open Balkans, cannot only compensate for European integration with this initiative, but, he adds, are taking a step forward in terms of politics. foreign.

“EU members cannot be fully connected, they can have special arrangements and be additional bridges with the EU, just as such arrangements can be built with non-European countries from Turkey to China, of course, and above all, with Russia, “says Andjelkovic.

He says the Balkan countries will achieve better interstate relations through economic integration, which he says is demonstrated by the conciliatory messages from the leaders of Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia during the Tirana summit.

“We can have economic, but also social and national benefits. Within this initiative, all Serbs can connect, all Albanians, all Muslims … in short, to realize our national aspirations rationally and prosper,” he added. concluded.

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