Cardano updates: Google integration, transaction volumes and double premium

At a pivotal time for Cardano, ADA has been added to Google’s Currency Conversion Rate Calculator, allowing users to easily calculate the conversion rate of ADA in terms of fiat currencies.

Key moment of Google’s integration for ADA

The integration is a key moment as it proves that Google recognizes Cardano’s reach as a major cryptocurrency. It also indicates that enough users have already been on Google to try and find out the value of ADA on a regular basis. One group of people who will find this integration really useful are investors who can easily use the conversion tool to determine the ADA closing price calculation. Experts hope to see more and more crypto projects in Google’s conversion tool, which seems likely given how crypto will inevitably be integrated into mainstream markets in the near future.

Cardano’s market valuation is unlikely to be affected much by this integration. However, it brings the coin somewhat into the mainstream and lays the foundation for learning more about crypto, especially among users who are not as aware of the coin. Gaining more Cardano users will benefit its Proof-of-Stake platform. Additionally, with the coin gaining more exposure in both developed and developing countries, the integration will help improve the global incorporation of the overall crypto market.

ADA crosses BTC and ETH

In related news, Cardano seems to be on a roll lately. On February 13, news broke that Cardano had overtaken Bitcoin and Ethereum in adjusted trading volume over a 24-hour period. According to crypto data aggregator,, ADA’s adjusted trading volume was $17.15 billion, well above that of BTC ($15.1 billion) or ETH (8. 6 billion). While transaction volume only reveals the total value moved on a blockchain, adjusted transaction volume provides more detailed information, especially regarding UTXO-style transactions and account-based transactions. This notable development for Cardano can be attributed to the much lower transaction fees. As of February 10, the average transaction fee was $0.44. Additionally, failed transactions during peak loads were not billed and denial of service attacks were quite rare.

Hackathon bonus doubled

In other Cardano news, it looks like the network is doubling down on its intentions to remove vulnerabilities. The Cardano Foundation previously launched the Hackerone event to offer bounties to hackers and developers who unearth minor bugs or even serious vulnerabilities in the code. Earlier today, the team announcement that the premium amounts had been doubled. The hackathon, which will run for six weeks from February 14 to March 25, is now giving away the following prize amounts for spotting bugs –

For the Cardano node:

  • Critical Vulnerability: $20,000
  • High Vulnerability: $10,000
  • Medium Vulnerability: $5,000
  • Low Vulnerability: $800

For the Cardano wallet:

  • Critical Vulnerability: $15,000
  • High Vulnerability: $6,000

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