CELAC foreign ministers summit begins with call to promote integration

Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero on Friday opened the 22nd Summit of Foreign Ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), calling for advancing integration and strengthening dialogue to continue to build a region of peace.

Hailing his peers, the Argentine foreign minister noted that this meeting aims to report on the mission undertaken by Mexico, whose term as sponsored president is ending, and added that it is a period of the epidemic spread, but he did not. This prevented Celac from continuing to work together on variations.

Cafiero called for progress in the task ahead, to promote dialogue and to continue to use the integration tools necessary to continue building a region at peace.

“We didn’t start from scratch,” he said, “we are part of a story in which many leaders have left testimonies to show the world of Celak that we are proud of the dating culture. and peace “.

Likewise, the host chancellor underlined that “the identity of the region is not an aggregate of various interests, but rather a political, social, economic and cultural construction, and a rich history that we must continue to fight together until it doesn’t stop. “He then expressed that Selak is a region par excellence for dialogue without exceptions.

During the assessment of his administration at the head of this regional mechanism, the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, underlined that Celak was a reality and that in this difficult period he was able to organize the production of vaccines against the Covid-19, among others. Things.

In this regard, he referred to the partnership between Mexico and Argentina to produce the AstraZeneca vaccine, the donation to several countries in the region and the creation of their own vaccines such as those manufactured by Cuba.

Ebrad called for this task to continue and noted other developments at this stage concerning technological innovation, the birth of the patent catalog of the University of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the creation of a fund of adaptation to disasters and climate. Change and birth of the Latin American and Caribbean Space Agency.

On the other hand, he expressed his country’s support for Argentina’s efforts to find a solution to the financial pressures. “It is important for Argentina to succeed, to move forward and not to impose constraints on its economic growth.
Argentine President takes over Celac

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina. Photo: ACN.

Thanking the president for the honor unanimously declared by Argentina for the leadership of CELAC in 2022, the president indicated that he considers this confidence as a recognition that his country is able to forge dialogues and consensus.

It also means that he takes up this challenge “with the conviction of someone who believes that we are all part of one great nation, even though many would go out of their way to divide and subjugate us so easily.”

In his speech at the 22nd Meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, at the San Martin Palace in the capital, Fernandez pointed out that at the onset of COVID-19, Latin America and the Caribbean was the most unequal continent in the world.

With so much inequality, democracy seems devoid of content and benefits those who have access to social centralization more than those who live on the fringes of these same societies, as he noted during his presentation in which he advocated making the region not just a One geographic expression, as well as a political, economic, cultural and social one.

Going deeper into the Selak case, Fernández underlined that this great regional mechanism was not created to oppose someone or to confront one of the existing institutions, or to interfere in the political and economic life of ‘a country.

He said the president, who also thanked Mexico for the work done in 2021 at the head of Celac, under very difficult conditions due to the epidemic and the Covid-19 crisis.

After noting that the society, made up of 33 countries, is today more alive and stronger than ever, the Head of State added that his country will pursue this common mission, and for that, he proposes 15 objectives, with different objectives such as health, economic recovery, disaster risk and food security.

On the other hand, Fernandez thanked Celak for the support in his country’s negotiations on the outstanding debt with the International Monetary Fund, expressed his concern on the issue of climate change and thanked the permanent support of this forum. in claiming sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

Towards the end of his speech, he stressed that integration will only be real when the pain experienced by some of us is, as he said, “from all and when the success as a whole is shared. There are no limits to integration, the search for consensus will be our main task and respect will be our guide, ”he said.

Cuba ratifies its commitment to regional integration within CELAC

Bruno Barilla. Photo: Prensa Latina.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Friday approved his country’s commitment to strengthen the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) as a mechanism for a political regional integration agreement.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, speaking at the 22nd meeting of foreign ministers of this mechanism, insisted on the desire to preserve the full validity and validity of the Declaration of Latin America and the zone of peace of the Caribbean.

Rodriguez also welcomed the transfer of the interim presidency of the regional bloc to Argentina and offered his country’s support to strengthen Latin American unity.

At the same time, he expressed his support and solidarity with the South American country in asking the International Monetary Fund to settle fraudulent inherited debts as well as in claiming sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands and its offshore areas.

The minister chose to continue to promote regional and Caribbean unity and to revitalize CELAC.

In this sense, he recognized the role that Mexico has played as the head of the interim presidency and its activity over the past two years.

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