Native Americans | Like Canada: US Government Report Reveals How Forced Tribal Integration Killed Over 500 Children

At dawn United States, The government accepted the responsibility of separating children from Native American families and taking them to boarding schools. The goal was to integrate them into the nation’s new culture.

However, the effect is disastrous. Torture, labor exploitation and death.

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“Country” Gives details:They were taken from the hands of their parents, they changed their names, they cut their hair, they were prevented from speaking their language or following their religion and their customs and they were imposed a defensive discipline. Many did not survive and were buried next to the schools where they remained.”.

This information was provided by the US Secretary of the Interior Deb HollandWhose “paternal grandparents“They were sent to one of these boarding schools run by the federal government in conjunction with religious organizations and institutions.

The consequences of federal residential school policies are heartbreaking and undeniable, including the generational trauma caused by family separation and the cultural elimination of children under the age of four.“, Under control.

Full day visit to the Indian industrial boarding school at Mt Pleasant. Photo taken June 30, 1893, from a statement released by the US government. Image Collection Alice Littlefield, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Aborigines in Michigan, Anishinabe Culture and Lifeways Giving Center.

Holland speaks Mandatory integration He also announced that 408 federal schools from 1819 to 1969 would be investigated.

So far it is It is known that more than 500 children died and were buried. “Marked or unmarkedAbout 53 schools. Everything indicates that you just have to keep digging to find many more.

The report also notes that these children were working. “Livestock, agriculture, poultry, milking, fertilization, logging, brick making; cooking, making clothes”. But, “Under cover of an alleged education”, Child labor checked.


Rules were often enforced through punishment, including corporal punishment such as solitary confinement, flogging, starvation, whipping, slapping, and handcuffs. […] Older Indian children were sometimes forced to punish younger ones.”.

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US Secretary of the Interior Debb Holland made the investigation public. PA / Ivan Wucci

Regarding church involvement, the report notes:

central government [también mantuvo] Relations with religious institutions and organizations [sostener] Federal Boarding School of India. Native reservations were divided among the major religious denominations and, as never before, the federal government was granted the right to delegate power to religious organizations. […] Guide educational activities”.

And adds:

Under the federal residential school system, [se] Agreements have been reached with various organizations and religious organizations, including American Missionary Association of Congregational Church, Foreign Mission Board of Presbyterian Church, National Mission Board of Presbyterian Church, Office of Catholic Missions of India and Protestant Episcopal Church “Each student must pay a certain amount‘”.

Possible reaction

Similar situations have occurred in other parts of the world. For example, during the dictatorship in Argentina, they took the children of saboteurs who were supposed to be “not guerrillas” – in fact, only leftists.Comments The Hernான்n Molina, an Argentine researcher in the United States.

Thus, many children live in military homes or with well-known families.”.

But since the investigation led by Hollande comes from the ruling party, the government should consider apologizing. “I think they will apologize and come up with plans to make up for the damageadds Molina.

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It wouldn’t be innovative.

“The world” explains: “The whites being reduced to living on the reservation, the Indians obtained many exclusive rights and exercised them to their advantage: these territories were subject to the jurisdiction of each tribe and had the privilege of administering a large number of racing games with a relative freedom due to a significant lack of legal regulation.”.

It’s about Indigenous Lands Gambling Regulation Act 1998. The Idea At Least 60% of Income”Assigned to projects that improve the living conditions of communities”.

Although it is difficult to know the next move of Vin Biden Administration, Molina believes that there can be no criticism of the Republican opposition. There are two main reasons.

I don’t think they’re against it ’cause they’re in such a state North and South Dakota, Montana or North CarolinaNow there’s tribes that’ve been through what’s doomed”.

And, politically, it was a mistake. However, defenders can offer other perspectives to solve this type of problem.”.


Sexual abuse

In the United States, Native womenThey are 2.5 times more likely to experience sexual violence than any other race“, ர சி து”El“With information from the US judicial system. Besides,”In at least 86% of cases of rape or sexual assault of tribal women, the perpetrators claim that the perpetrators are non-tribal men.“.


Everything leads us to believe that the State’s investigation The president of the United States, Joe Biden, Derived from something that happened in Canada Last year.

In May, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Peoples (FSIN) Report published in it, he said he found British ColumbiaRemains of 215 tribal children in the garden of a boarding school”.

No need to dig too deep to find similar cases. In June, they discovered “751 unmarked graves in a mass grave at a boarding schoolLocated in the province SaskatchewanLocation Marywal Tribal Boarding School.

These results gave meaning to what was discussed many years ago. truth and reconciliation commission.

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Between 18962 and 1998, the BBC reports:More than 150,000 Indigenous children were separated from their families and enrolled in government residential schools in Canada.“It was run by the Catholic Church.

The media recalls that boys and girls lived in poorly constructed buildings –”Badly heated and unsanitary– and under formal pressure to stop speaking their language and abandon their habits.

The effect of abuse Under control The CVR estimates that six thousand children died.

The Canadian government, knowing what was happening, took to the field. Its Prime Minister Justin TrudeauAnnouncement:

Many were neglected and did not have enough food, clothing or shelter. Others were victims of physical, psychological and sexual harassment. All have lost the love and care of their parents, family and community”.

To all of you, we are sorry”.

However, his apologies were not accepted. “One of the Indigenous groups impacted by school trips to the Grand Chief of In Nation, Newfoundland and Labrador, Greg Rich”. The answer :

If we apologize for only a small part of our experience, our adults are not ready to accept it.”.

And only in April of this year, The Catholic Church Excuse. “All this provoked my anger and shame,” Detained Pope Francisco After the meeting Indigenous Canadians from Inuit, Métis and First Nations told him about the torture and abuse they suffered in residential schools.”.

the Sovereign Pontiff Added:

I was very upset and apologized to the bishops because it was clear that the faith could not be transmitted by something that completely deviated from the same faith. It is terrible if an act against the gospel takes place in the name of faith”.


LGBT minorities

Between 2003 and 2005, Amnesty International investigated the situation of violence against the LGTBIQ+ community by security forces and published it under the title “.Stone Wall. Constantly demanding respect”, given the violations and other malfeasance. In his results, he is alone ”Gender discrimination is often associated with other forms of discrimination, such as race and class“; And despite that”Some positive efforts on the part of justice“, the community continues”Serious police abuse, in some cases, amounts to torture and ill-treatment”.

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