Georgia has a “very firm position” on Ukraine and offers support to international organizations

Georgia has a “very firm position” on support for Ukraine, expressed in all international organizations, said Maka Bochorishvili, chairwoman of the European Union integration committee of the Georgian parliament, on Thursday.

Bochorishvili also responded to allegations by Ukrainian authorities about Russian smuggling of sanctioned products using Georgian territory, stressing that it was “impossible” for such allegations to be made when there was “no evidence” of it.

The parliament official stressed that it would be “difficult” for the Ukrainian authorities to present “any evidence” of these allegations because “Georgia knows what it is doing to support its Ukrainian friends in this difficult struggle”.

I expect misunderstandings in our relationship [with Ukraine] will soon be resolved. Georgia has a very firm position on Ukraine and this position is expressed in all international organizations. We are in very close contact with international partners on issues related to Ukraine,” she noted.

Therefore, any accusation in this regard harms the security and interests of our country. It is not advisable to speculate on similar topics and raise them when the security of our country is not fully assured,” Bochorishvili said in reference to security challenges arising from Russia’s continued occupation of two regions. Georgian since 2008.

Georgia’s finance ministry said on Monday that reports that Russia was creating channels to smuggle sanctioned goods using Georgian territory was “a completely unfounded and absurd accusation.”

The ministry was responding to statements by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk, which alleged that Georgian political leaders had agreed to smuggle sanctioned goods to Russia via the Georgia.

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