Museveni to EAC leaders: Swahili, strategic key to security and prosperity for integration

President Museveni said that one of the key issues in integrating the East African region is strategic security, as insecurity knows no borders.

On Tuesday, Heads of State of the East African Community officially admitted the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) into the East African Community at the 19th Extraordinary Summit of Heads of State. of the EAC.

“The admission of the DRC into the EAC is a great event because it signals prosperity to the citizens! As leaders, let us continuously strive to ensure the maintenance of peace, security and stability in the region,” said President Museveni.

Museveni said he was very happy that they approved the process of admitting the DRC into the community.

“We were connected before colonialism. But when colonialism arrived, we disconnected. It’s good that we come together. Indeed, as I said in the closed meeting, the Congo is very much part of East Africa historically, especially the eastern part of the Congo. They speak Swahili, they look like our tribes here and it was colonialism that kept the Congo in another arrangement.

Museveni said now that Africa has got its freedom, the leaders are addressing all these distortions.

“I am very happy that trade is improving in East Africa.”

He said that the goal of integration is encompassed in three things.

“First, how do you solve the problem of prosperity? Prosperity comes from business; the production of goods and services. When you produce goods and services, where do you sell them? You sell them in the country, you sell them in the region, you sell them in Africa and internationally. The more buyers you have, the better. This is the logic of integration.

“Unless we want to be like Latin America which lives next to the United States but because of the way they are organized they live in misery. Next door is the United States, which today is the most powerful country in the world, but it started yesterday when our kingdoms were here. Now this new country is called the United States because it was founded on new principles and here we are.

He said that the second point regarding integration is strategic security.

“You can see how insecurity knows no borders. It goes from here to there. If we can’t work together, we won’t deal with the issue of insecurity.

Museveni concluded by saying that the people the EAC leaders are integrating are like-minded people.

“It’s easy for us thanks to Kiswahili, which is a neutral language. It’s not like the Europeans trying to unite different peoples with different languages.

The President of DR Congo, HE Félix Tshisekedi, who was present, expressed his joy at this historic moment.

President of the DR Congo HE Félix Tshisekedi

” I thank you ! This is a historic day for the DRC! The DRC is committed to working closely with the EAC Partner States for the prosperity of the EAC region! he said.

HE President Uhuru Kenyatta, Chairman of the EAC Heads of State Summit, said, “I proudly and warmly welcome our brothers and sisters from the DRC to the EAC and look forward to uniting us to strengthen our community together. By working together, we have more to gain than when we are apart.

President Paul Kagame has said that Rwanda supports the admission of the DRC to the region and stands ready to play its part in supporting the integration of the DRC into the EAC.

Hon. Prosper Bazombanza, Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, said that “broadening and deepening economic, political, social and cultural integration will improve the quality of life and prosperity of the peoples of East Africa. Is”.

EAC Secretary General Peter Mathuki said the EAC now stretches from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, making the region competitive and easy to access the largest free trade area African Continental (AfCFTA).

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