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If you’ve ever said that you just can’t date someone whose favorite musical artist is Taylor Swift, now is your chance to prove it.

On Tuesday, Tinder and Spotify announced a partnership that will allow you to sprinkle your musical taste into your dating profile.

Tinder will now allow you to choose any song from Spotify to display as your “anthem,” a sort of personal theme song, which potential dates can listen to without leaving the app. You can also opt to have Tinder show your top artists on Spotify, if you want to give people a more complete picture of what you love to listen to.

Tinder CEO Sean Rad told Business Insider that this feature was something Tinder wanted from the very beginning and has been actively discussing with Spotify for the past two years.

“Music is an important aspect of how people meet,” says Rad. “You socialize around the music you love. It says a lot about your personality, about your interests.

This has two advantages for Tinder, says Rad.

“The most immediate use case is the conversation starter,” he explains. Tinder has gotten really good at giving presentations, but now Rad wants to do more to help people start the conversation, he says. This is one of the reasons Tinder rolled out integrations with Spotify and Instagram. It gives people something to talk about, clues that might trigger a more inspirational introductory post than “Hey.”

The second benefit of integrating music into Tinder is a bit more obscure: how tastes in music actually affect love compatibility. While Rad cites sociological studies that suggest it makes a difference, he just doesn’t know exactly how much of an impact it just yet. Understanding the role of music in compatibility is something Tinder will need to “develop over time” using Tinder’s machine learning processes, Rad says.

A lot of people say that music has an effect on who they choose to date them. Tinder will soon have good data on whether this is demagoguery or if it is in fact the truth.

This feature will be available in all Tinder markets where Spotify is also present.

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